noun ( vir·tu·al re·al·i·ty )

“The computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.”


Explore new worlds and experiences with a special VR headset. You can choose from a huge selection of games or experiences from thrilling roller coaster rides to action games. You’ll experience the sinking in your stomach while peering off a tall building, or the sweat of fear and panic while being chased by zombies.

Swing your arms and hit virtual objects, duck for incoming hits, and have fun while being active!  Now you can when you step into virtual reality!

Virtual Reality is for everyone, from young to old and even people with disabilities.

You can be a boxer, soldier, space fighter, artist or anything you can imagine. Hold a friendly get together around the world, solve puzzles or you just want to spend an easy day protecting yourselves from zombies. You can accomplish it all, with your friends or against them. In addition, for escape room enthusiasts, you will find different challenge – escape rooms in virtual reality.

This experience cannot be described in words, not even in videos. You will have to experience it for yourself and along with friends, and stretch the limits of physical reality to the end.



All experiences are just NIS 25!!


Roller Coaster


The Plank


Action Games



SUNDAY – THURSDAY: 9:30 PM – 10:00 PM
FRIDAY: 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
MOTSA: 1 Hour after Shabbat – 11:00 PM


We are located in the Jerusalem Malha Mall on the 3rd floor next to the Nike Store


Absolutely not! VR1 experiences go far beyond blasting zombies. From escape rooms to puzzles to painting masterpieces to roller coaster rides. There’s a virtual reality experience for everyone.
No. In the engaging arcade setting of VR1, families, coworkers, and students can experience Virtual Reality as a team. The incredibly realistic feeling of panic, fear, and joy that you’ll discover together while experiencing Virtual Reality is the ultimate bonding experience. You’ll be exchanging stories for weeks.
There are dozens of stories on Virtual Reality where players are moved to tears by the realism and excitement they feel. You’ll feel the sinking in your stomach when you’re up high, and you’ll jump at surprises that appear around every corner. Virtual Reality feels very real, come experience it for yourself.
Virtual Reality is for everyone, from young (ages 5+ recommended) to old and even people with disabilities. If you are pregnant, or have epileptic symptoms we recommend you check with your doctor before using VR.
No, just bring yourself and good spirits, we provide everything you need.
At VR1 we have a very simple price structure. Every experience is just NIS 25.
We are located inside the Malha Mall next to Nike.
We're open year round. Sunday - Thursday 9:30 PM - 10:00 PM Friday: 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM Sat Night: 2 hours after sundown until 11:00 PM


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Malha Jerusalem Mall
2nd Floor | 
Next to Nike